The Adventist Ministries Convention is a premier event held for church leadership twice every five years. Since its inception in 1988, its purpose is to provide training and resourcing for over 700 denominational leaders. This convention has been presented in various locations across North America, including:

2019 Albuquerque, NM
2017 Tucson, AZ
2014 Monterey, CA
2012 Palm Harbor, FL
2009 Myrtle Beach, SC
2007 Tucson, AZ
2005 Orlando, FL
2003 Monterey, CA
2001 Panama City, FL

1999 San Diego, CA
1997 Birmingham, AL
1995 St. Louis, MO
1993 Denver, CO
1991 San Diego, CA
1989 Clearwater Beach, FL
1988 Costa Mesa, CA

The Adventist Ministries Convention brings conference and union colleagues together in a unique fellowship that inspires and renews us as leaders. It’s a place to welcome those who are new to departmental ministry, to learn about new resources and, most importantly, learn from each other. It’s where we recognize accomplishments and celebrate transitions. The convention will feature over 28 ministry tracks, robust exhibit events, inspirational and motivational general sessions, outreach activities, and awards given to individuals for ministry achievement.