Terri Saelee



Terri Saelee discovered refugees during her Freshman year in college, and has been working with them in various capacities since that time. Her work began teaching ESL and Bible in refugee camps. Since then, she has launched refugee outreach from a college campus and in local churches, done medical and court interpreting in three Asian languages, worked as job developer/employment service worker for a government-funded agency, served as Asian Outreach Coordinator for a legal agency protecting the rights of people with disabilities, and led teams launching refugee church planting among various refugee language groups. Terri now coordinates NAD Adventist Refugee & Immigrant Ministries with 156 church plants among 17 refugees language groups across the North American Division. Terri lives in Wisconsin where she and her husband is also church planting among Hmong refugees. Terri and Ko are blessed with three children: Jeffrey (20), Janessa (18), and Kayla (15).