Kimberly Luste Maran is assistant director for the North American Division Office of Communication. She is primarily responsible for feature and news writing and editing at the division. Kimberly has conducted numerous writing and editing workshops for NAD and international audiences. Before joining the NAD team in 2016, Kimberly was an assistant editor of the Adventist Review/Adventist World/KidsView for 16 years. She served as one of several video reporters for Adventist Review/Adventist World. She also coordinated several magazine redesigns; and was the social media coordinator for Adventist Review/Adventist World.

Prior to this, Kimberly served for two years as managing editor for the Columbia Union Visitor. In addition to regular editing and planning duties, her responsibilities included designing items for publication in the Visitor and other union projects, and conducting writer workshops.

Kimberly has bachelors' degrees in both English and Journalism from Washington Adventist University; she received her liberal arts master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in 2004. Kimberly and her husband are raising three daughters. In regard to her work, Kimberly says, “God has richly blessed me and my goal is to serve Him in the field of communication to the best of my abilities.”