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Donnell S. Josiah, PhD, PMP


Meet Dr. Donnell Josiah; a passionate, driven, and accomplished management consultant with a heart for people. Also described as a “multi-talented, effervescent virtuoso”, he is well respected for his unique ability to integrate the disciplines of science and engineering with the finer arts of music production and performance. Originally from the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda, Dr. Josiah has become an example of what hard work and persistence can produce when united with faith in God. Through his triumphs and struggles, he has developed a keen sense and appreciation for excellence, a deep commitment and conviction about the value of education, and a resolute determination to make the world a better place.

Dr. Josiah is no stranger to failure and underachievement. Having faced many up-hill challenges—some of which precluded his acceptance into higher education—he remained fixed on his goals, tenaciously confronting his obstacles. Despite the challenges, he went on to earn a number of academic degrees and industry certifications, including degrees in Computer and Electronics Engineering, a master’s degree in Engineering Management, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Applied Management with an emphasis in Organizational Change. He also holds certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP), SAFe Agilist, and a PROSCI Organizational Change Management practitioner. 

In his book, “Overcomers, How to Change Your Life in 31 Days”, Dr. Josiah now seeks to inspire others to chase their dreams with conviction, and to pursue their purpose with passion and determination. Now a highly respected technology consultant, Dr. Josiah uses his multidisciplinary background in business, engineering, technology, social science, project management, and music production, to make meaningful and substantive impact through his three business ventures: (a) ChangeDynamix —a management consulting organization that provides technology and project management consulting services, (b) joDah Ministries —a 501c3 "Direct-to-Fan" music charity that helps Christian artists raise funds to pay for music production and promotion services; and (c) ARK Recording Studio — a full service professional recording facility that focuses on music and video production excellence. With a heart for people and a love for God, Dr. Josiah remains committed to helping individuals unite their purpose with passion by providing the necessary tools that transform everyday people into extraordinary individuals.